Our Team

Our team is our greatest asset. Their friendly and helpful expertise, experience and advice,  is available to help you source quality insurance products and provide superior service to your clients. We’ve published a photo and a brief personal history, together with contact details, of each team member so you’ll know who you’re dealing with and how to get in touch.

In addition to phone and email, our Broker Relationship managers also have Skype addresses so you can have a more personal, face to face, conversation with them if you wish.  Of course they may often be on the road, or in meetings, so can we suggest you phone, text or email first to set up a Skype appointment at a mutually agreeable time.

Murray Rosser

Offshore Placements Director

Peter Wilkins

Administration & Marketing Director

Andrew West

Broker Relationship Manager - Auckland South

Michael Tennant

Broker Relationship Manager - Auckland North

John Boyles

Broker Relationship Manager - Waikato/BOP/East Cape

Kieran McCormack

Broker Relationship Manager - Lower North Island, Nelson & Marlborough

Ben Gainsford

Broker Relationship Manager - Lower South Island

Sandy Macdonald

Senior Underwriter & Broker Relationship Support Team Leader

Donna Dimond

Commercial Underwriter

Linda Hall

Underwriter & Broker Relationship Support - Waikato, BOP & East Cape

Alvin Patanag

Broker Relationship Support - Waikato, BOP & East Cape

Tracy Ball

Broker Relationship Support - South Island

Alicia Cooper

Broker Relationship Support - Auckland South

Mya Parker

Broker relationship Support - Lower North Island, Nelson & Marlborough

Tania Allwood

Broker Relationship Support - Auckland North

Danitsa Barratt

Broker Relationship Support

Lisa Turner

Office Manager

Hannah Schroder

Processing Team Leader

Tracey O'Halloran

Administration Assistant

Daisy Carruthers

Policy Processor

Rosanna Lelievre

Policy Processor

Summer Smiles

Policy Processor

Liv McCloskey

Policy Processor

Morgan Fletcher

Policy Processor