Hannah Schroder

Underwriting Support

Hannah joined Rosser in 2016 after completing a Business degree in Marketing and Management at the Eastern Institute of Technology. During her studies Hannah worked part-time as a barista and spent her holidays working at a meat processing plant – both jobs taught her resilience and trouble-shooting.

Hannah is located in our Hawke’s Bay office and in September 2019 was promoted to a Broker Relationship Support role. In late 2020 we restructured our operations and implemented an Underwriting Support team  to assist our Underwriters and Business Development Managers provide smart solutions for our brokers. Hannah now plays a key role in this team.

Hannah’s focus, determination and enthusiasm to learn and deal with the challenges of the underwriting business has enabled her to expand her skill set and she is well able to assist with the insurance needs of our brokers and their clients.

In her free time, Hannah enjoys food, the outdoors and travelling.